Lucy Armitage was Shirley Armitage's sly eleven year old younger sister. In 1988, when Shirley moved out of the family home in Nelson Street to live with Curly Watts at 15a Coronation Street, Lucy accompanied her mother to the flat when Mrs Armitage went there to inspect Shirley's new living conditions - and her boyfriend, whom Shirley had yet to introduce to her parents.

In August of that year, when her only brother Bernard was rushed to hospital in Birmingham due to a problem with his water works, Mrs Armitage and her husband went to Birmingham for a few days to be by his side. Mrs Armitage arranged with Shirley by phone to leave Lucy with her and Curly, although Shirley didn't consider the arrangements final and was affronted to find her mother had left Lucy with Curly in her absence. Shirley was tough with Lucy, but Curly proved to be a soft touch and Lucy put him and Shirley at loggerheads by getting him to buy her an expensive dinner on the first night of her stay.

With Shirley at work during the day, it fell to Curly to entertain Lucy. Despite being under orders to keep Lucy in check, Curly enjoyed the company and let her invite her friend Melanie Rigby over for a music session. On another day, Shirley had to turn down an invitation to go on a picnic with Kevin and Sally Webster as Curly had promised to take Lucy to the fair at the Red Rec. By now, Shirley had given up on Curly putting his foot down and went along with his plans.

On the day Shirley's parents were due to return from Birmingham, Terry Duckworth coaxed Curly into going for a drink with him at the Rovers Return, even though it meant leaving Lucy on her own. They were gone longer than expected, and by the time they got back to the flat Lucy had let herself out and had gone to the bus station to meet her mother. Shirley and Curly were about to call the police when Mrs Armitage turned up at the flat with Lucy and berated them both, although she decided to forgive them.

Actress Charmayne Golaub was credited as "Charmaine Golaub" in all of her appearances.

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