Lucy Gannon MBE (born 1948) wrote 34 episodes of Coronation Street between August 2007 and November 2009. She began her career as a writer in 1987 when she entered the Richard Burton Award for New Playwrights, hoping to win some money towards a new car, having previously worked as a military policewoman, a residential social worker, and a nurse. She won first prize with the play Keeping Tom Nice and a six-month attachment to be writer-in-residence at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Four years later, she created the successful series Soldier Soldier and also wrote 11 episodes as well as multiple episodes of Peak Practice and Bramwell. In 2000 she created another successful series with the school drama Hope and Glory and in 2003 with the series Servants. Her plays include Tender Loving Care, Dancing Attendance, A Dog Barking, Janet And John and Raping The Gold. Recent work includes creating and writing the min-series Blue Dove (2004) and scripting for EastEnders.

Episodes written by Lucy GannonEdit


2007 (5 episodes)

2008 (16 episodes)

2009 (13 episodes)

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