Lucy johnson
Lucy Johnson
Birthplace Australia
Spouse(s) Johnny Johnson
First appearance 28th February 1996
Number of appearances 1
Played by Hilary John

Lucy Johnson was the wife of Johnny Johnson, one-time army buddy of Jim McDonald.

Lucy was born in Australia and met Johnny when he travelled to the country after leaving the army in 1990. In February 1996, the married couple went to an army reunion in Macclesfield at which Jim and Liz McDonald were in attendance. The evening went disastrously for the McDonalds as Jim unearthed a long-kept secret that Liz and Johnny had had a fling in the 1970s. His suspicions had been aroused when Johnny admitted that he was attracted to Lucy as she was redhead. Having noticed a resemblance to his own wife, Jim obsessed over the matter on the way home, leading to Liz's confession and Jim hitting her and leaving her in a petrol station.

Lucy was an uncredited part. She was played by Hilary John

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