Lucy Jones
Lucy Jones
Father Dan Jones
First appearance 10th July 2015
Last appearance 17th July 2015
Number of appearances 2
Played by Sammy Oliver

Lucy Jones was the daughter of Newton & Ridley rep Dan Jones who had started a relationship with Liz McDonald in June 2015. One person who wasn't pleased to see Dan around the Street was Leanne Tilsley who recalled him only too well from her days as an escort, as one of his perversions was getting satisfaction in beating up the women he slept with. Dan arranged to introduce Liz to Lucy during a meal in Manchester but she preferred to go to Nick's Bistro as it was the place where they had their first date. Leanne was serving there and retained a veneer of politeness when attending to them. Dan doted over his daughter but set limits and wasn't happy about allowing her to go on a cheap holiday with friends. When she had an opportunity, Leanne asked Dan if the good father act was for her benefit and he confirmed that it was meant to show that they both had a lot of lose if she didn't keep her mouth shut, as he had previously threatened to tell her stepson Simon Barlow about her past as a prostitute.

A week later Leanne revealed the truth about Dan to Liz, who in turn confronted Dan with her newly-acquired knowledge in the Rovers in front of his boss Ed Ramsey. Lucy walked into the pub during the row and demanded to know what was going on. Liz told her straight and the shocked girl demanded her father confirm the story. When he hesitated to answer, she walked out on him in disgust.

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