Lydia Summers
Lydia Summers
Occupation Social Worker
First appearance 27th February 2000
Number of appearances 1
Played by Alison Darling

Lydia Summers was a Social Worker who in February 2000 was alerted by Dr Wilson to the fact that thirteen-year old Sarah Louise Platt was pregnant. Sarah had visited the doctor's surgery with her mother Gail the week before and Lydia called at 8 Coronation Street to assess the situation.

The rowing family were not dealing well with the news of the expected baby and Lydia’s sudden arrival and questions about Martin being a stepfather to Sarah and his and Gail’s working shift patterns did not help matters (Martin suspected that Lydia wondered if he was the baby’s father). Lydia give Sarah a more sympathetic hearing though when she spoke to the girl alone in her bedroom and assured her that she was not on her own and she would be given any help that she needed.

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