Lyn was a candidate for a vacant job at Brown's Textiles, a small lingerie manufacturer which both Ivy Brennan and Vera Duckworth were also interested in after having been made redundant from Baldwin's Casuals when Mike sold the factory to Maurice Jones. Lyn applied for the position after leaving her old job at Atkinson's - and her husband.

Vera, the first to arrive for the interview sessions, tried flirting with Peter Anderton, the manager, but the arrival of Ivy stymied her attempts. They were both filling in application forms when Lyn, wearing a short skirt, came in. Calling Mr Anderton “Pete”, it was obvious that she was an old friend and expected. Lyn was taken into his office for her "interview" and Vera and Ivy were sent packing.

Hearing about Lyn from Vera later at the Rovers, Tina Fowler thought she may be the same Lyn who once came second to her in a Miss Lovely Legs competition and afterwards claimed it was fixed. Vera doubted the connection, commenting that she'd seen better legs holding pianos up.