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Lyndsey Kerrigan
Lyndsey Kerrigan
Occupation Solicitor
First appearance 6th January 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sarah Miller

Lyndsey Kerrigan acted for Ken Barlow when he appeared in Weatherfield Magistrates Court in January 2003 charged with assaulting pupil Aidan Critchley the previous October. She ran through the procedure with Ken and, in the court where he pleaded guilty, asked that Ken be allowed to address the bench. Ken, bowled over by the fact that he’d just found out from Tracy that Deirdre had had an affair with Dev Alahan, made a speech accepting his guilt but bemoaning the deceit he seemed to encounter constantly from people when, he said, he spent his life trying to be honest. The Chief Magistrate imposed a conditional discharge for a period of twelve months on Ken.

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