Ms clucus
Lynn Clucus
Occupation Social Worker
First appearance 27th August 2010
Last appearance 10th September 2010
Number of appearances 5
Played by Jane Cunliffe

When Aadi Alahan was being child-minded in August 2010, he got into a small fight with Simon Barlow which ended up with him falling and banging his head. This seemingly small event had larger repercussions when his knock developed into a haemorrhage a couple of days later and he ended up being operated on. Mr Jordan, the neurosurgeon at Weatherfield General, was unable to discover the cause of the condition and when he noticed additional bruising on Aadi’s shoulders, police and social services were called in. DC Merrick and Lynn Clucus investigated and interviewed all the parties involved. The shoulder incident was explained by father Dev pulling Aadi out of the path of a speeding car with some force a few days previously which only left the head injury a puzzle. Claire Peacock, officially the childminder, had left Sophie Webster in charge for several hours when she had to rush to hospital herself to see her newly-admitted mother but neither of the women could proffer any clues, mainly because Sophie was upstairs with her lover Sian Powers when the incident between Simon and Aadi had occurred.

When it came time for Aadi to be released from hospital, DC Merrick and Ms Clucus intervened and both Aadi and his sister Asha were taken into care. Simon’s behaviour changed also as he knew that he was at fault and was frightened of the repercussions if he told the truth. When his behaviour deteriorated, father Peter forced him to admit was wrong, the authorities were informed and Ms Clucus was happy to hand the children back to their parents when the correct procedures had been seen to.

Credited as “Ms Clucus”, the character’s first name of Lynn was given in dialogue.

List of appearancesEdit


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