Lynne nelson
Lynne Nelson
First appearance 6th March 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Siobhan Fogarty

Lynne Nelson was a friend of Dawn Prescott whom Dawn confided in when her employer Alan Bradley attempted to rape her in March 1989. Having decided to resign and sue Alan for sexual harrassment, Dawn returned to Weatherfield Security Systems, with Lynne accompanying her as a witness.

Confronted by the pair, Alan attempted to explain away Dawn's hysteria by telling Lynne that he'd got drunk and made a pass at her, but when it became clear that Lynne believed her friend's story unwaveringly, Alan ushered Dawn into his office for a private chat. While Lynne waited, Martin Platt arrived back at the shop from a job. Having no idea what had gone on, he briefly questioned Lynne about Dawn's lateness. A few moments later, Dawn stormed out of the office and told Lynne they were going. Dawn was upset at the realisation that she would lose any case against Alan due to lack of witnesses, but she remained defiant and ended up being instrumental in Alan's downfall by telling Rita Fairclough about the shop receiving letters address to her late husband Len, causing Rita to investigate and expose Alan's fraud.

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