Maccy Mccartney
Macca McCartney
First appearance 16th February 1994
Number of appearances 1
Played by Chris Hargreaves

Liverpudlian Macca McCartney was a prospective customer of Steve McDonald’s for a T-shirt printing deal which they tried to conclude in the Rovers with Steve insisting on the same terms as last time but also rising the price to £200 for the items. Macca objected but Steve pointed out that the previous deal was a flanker to put one over Mike Baldwin however Steve was the boss now. When Vicky Arden interrupted their chat and Steve told her they were doing a bit of business, a disgruntled Macca replied that he didn’t think they were. He voiced his opinion that Vicky was a cracker and asked Steve what the secret of his modesty was when told that Vicky was too good for the likes of him.

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