Maggie caroline clegg
Occupation Nurse
First appearance 28th December 2009
Last appearance 22nd January 2010
Number of appearances 3
Played by Caroline Clegg

Maggie was a nurse at Weatherfield General who on 28th December 2009 discussed Sally Webster's breast cancer treatment with Sally and husband Kevin. She gave Sally details about when her lumpectomy would be and what it would involve, and advised her to let her daughters Rosie and Sophie know about her condition before they heard it from someone else. Maggie stressed however that she was likely to make a full recovery.

Maggie met with Sally and Kevin again on 22nd January 2010, after Sally's lumpectomy had taken place. Along with Mr Quereshi, Maggie gave the couple the news that Sally's cancer hadn't spread but that she would have to undergo hormone treatment and radiotherapy treatment to destroy the cancerous cells.

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