Maggie Tully
Spouse(s) Brian Tully (1986)
First appearance 5th June 2006
Last appearance 12th June 2006
Number of appearances 2
Played by Sally Grace

'Maggie Tully is the second wife of Brian Tully.

In 2006, Sean Tully turned up at the house shared by Maggie and Brian. Sean had been brought up to believe that Brian was his father, this was actually a lie and in later years Brian tried to distance himself from Sean and the pair lost contact. Believing the reason for their loss of contact was a homophobic one, Sean questioned Brian. Later, Maggie accompanied Brian to the Rovers Return where Sean worked and the pair revealed that Brian was never Sean's true father - his mother had engaged in a one-night stand with a plumber by the name of Paul Jones who had no idea that Sean existed.

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