Magistrate's Clerk
Occupation Court clerk
First appearance 4th May 1966
Number of appearances 1
Played by Doel Luscombe

The unnamed Magistrate's Clerk assisted the Magistrate and his two colleagues, who found Ena Sharples guilty of shoplifting two tins of salmon (priced at 4/6 each) from the Pick-a-Snip Supermarket in April 1966. Ena refused to give the clerk her age, only allowing that she was over 21. The Magistrate came to his colleague's defence and insisted on an answer. The clerk also admonished Ena for interrupting the evidence given by supermarket manager Mr. Snape.

Ena was fined 40/- and given an absolute discharge by the Magistrate as he accused her of setting a bad example to others though admitting the theft was out of character.

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