Mal harris
Mal Harris
Occupation Builder
First appearance 16th November 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Dave Hopkins

Mal Harris was one of Maurice Jones's builders who carried out burglaries in the Coronation Street area in 1990. His targets were houses built by Jones, which he accessed using keys cut from the originals when the houses were being built.

The first house burgled in Coronation Street was No.4, which Mal raided while Derek and Mavis Wilton were held up at Manchester Airport for three days on their way to Madeira. The holiday ended up falling through and the Wiltons returned to a trashed home, and their TV, radio, video, carriage clock, Derek's cuff links, Mavis' chain and locket and the Wedgwood ornaments stolen.

Mal's next target was No.6, home to Des and Steph Barnes. Parking his van outside the unoccupied No.8, Mal started removing the Barnes' valuables, loading the van in broad daylight. His activities aroused the suspicions of Percy Sugden, who considered it his duty to track down the burglar as he'd been left to look after No.4 in the Wiltons' absence. When he went in for a closer look at the van, Percy realised that he'd found the right man and proceeded to take the van's keys and call the police. Mal didn't notice anything amiss until Derek Wilton set upon him, having just been told by Percy that he was the thief. Realising his keys were gone, Mal overpowered Derek - dislodging a filling which had just been put in - and fled the scene. However, the police caught up with him soon afterwards and the Weatherfield burglar was put behind bars.

Mal was an uncredited part. The character's name comes from TV Times.

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