Malcolm Fox
Occupation Motor Trader
Spouse(s) Brenda Fox
First appearance 5th January 1996
Last appearance 19th August 1996
Number of appearances 6
Played by Glyn Pritchard

Malcolm Stanley Fox ran Fox's Motors - and dealt in stolen goods. Steve McDonald wanted a half-share in a container-load of stolen whisky, but Malcolm would only let him have five cases. When Fox was picked up by the police, he implicated Steve in the crime, but retracted his statement when Steve arranged for Vicky McDonald to offer him £3,000 (half now, half after the trial) if he would retract his statement. Fox managed to up the price to £6,000. Unfortunately for Steve, and more seriously for Vicky, Brenda Fox found out about Malcolm's other woman, and in a fit of pique, told the police about the bribe.

List of appearancesEdit


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