Malcolm Lagg was an outgoing elderly gentleman who worked as a lollipop man outside Bessie Street School. He decided to retire in December 2012 and started looking for a replacement officer to train. Dennis Tanner successfully landed the role. Ashamed to tell wife Rita about his new job, Dennis tried his best to remain unrecognised but he was soon spotted by Steve McDonald who poked fun at him. Angered that Dennis had held him up, Steve drove off with Dennis's lollipop stick and later that day, Malcolm turned up at the Rovers with PC Carson to reclaim the council's property.

The matter was far from dropped and and Dennis began deliberately holding up Steve to prevent him getting past in his taxi. A fed-up Steve decided to have his own revenge and told Bessie Street's headmaster Brian Packham that Dennis was being mean to the children. Brian approached Dennis about the accusation, and Dennis packed in the job feeling he was unfairly accused. Dennis's former mentor Malcolm decided to help Dennis get his own back at Steve, so gathered up an army of patrol officers from across Weatherfield, blocking Rosamund Street and preventing any Street Cars taxis being able to move. Malcolm persuaded Steve to apologise to Dennis and drop the accusation he made to the Council, and Dennis resumed work.

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