Malcolm Pitt appeared on Coronation Street in two parts: in February 2000 as the Cab Driver who took Fred Elliott to his appointment for a massage at Freshco customer Mrs Mawdsley's house and in March 2015 as a Delivery Man bringing a load of garden supplies to Sharif Nazir.

He has also been singing professionally since 1989. After limited success with soul bands "Times Square" and "Turn it Loose", he decided to embark on a solo career and developed a Lionel Richie tribute act, soon performing throughout Britain and Europe. In November 2000, Malcolm met Lionel Richie for the first time at the opening of the Printworks entertainment complex in Manchester. He'd wanted to meet him for many years, and described the experience as "rejuvenating". He got to meet Lionel again in June 2009, and this time appeared with "Lionel as Lionel" on Graham Norton's live Saturday night show Totally Saturday.

His other acting credits include roles in The Full Monty, Stanton Blues and Queer as Folk.

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