Male Customer (Episode 6431)
Male Customer
First appearance 22nd November 2006
Number of appearances 1
Played by Joe O'Byrne

When Cilla Battersby-Brown started behaving out-of-character in November 2006, husband Les suspected that she was having an affair and his suspicions were further aroused one evening when he went into Wong's Chippy and overheard a Male Customer telling her that "a man couldn't get too much of a good thing". The harmless banter had been misconstrued by Les - especially as Cilla hadn't been seen serving in the shop that lunchtime. When probed, Cilla told Les that she had probably been in the back preparing batter and the fact that he was showing an interest was doing her head in, but in reality, Cilla had been attending a medical appointment and had not yet chosen to tell her family.

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