Occupation Takeaway proprietor
Residence Swinton
First appearance 25th August 2008
Number of appearances 1
Played by Gary Bleasdale

Mally was an old friend of Jerry Morton who owned a takeaway outlet in Swinton. After Jerry had told ex-wife Teresa Bryant that he wanted her out of 6 Coronation Street, it was arranged that she could rent the flat above Mally's shop and get a reduced price if she worked a few shifts in the shop to help him out.

Teresa packed her belongings and went to Swinton but desperate to worm her way back into No.6 with Jerry and the family, she explained to Mally that Jerry was too ill for her to move out and told him to cover for her - if Jerry asked questions - by saying that the flat needed rewiring. With that, Teresa gave Mally a wad of notes, returned to the Mortons' house and quickly made herself at home again.

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