Man 7388
First appearance 26th July 2010
Number of appearances 1
Played by Philip Fowler

The Man bought a pint from Liz McDonald when she served him in the Rovers and commented that he always found it tasted better when he received it from a beautiful woman. Highly flattered, she told Eileen Grimshaw that this was the second occasion today on which a total stranger had chatted her up and she wondered if it was because she’d used Becky McDonald’s perfume for a change. The man sat, drinking his pint and smiling at Liz. Later a biker called Ricky also chatted her up. What Liz didn’t know was that they were attracted to her because of messages she had supposedly left on the social networking website Facescene however this was an impersonation profile set up by Sean Tully in an effort to get in touch with Violet Wilson, the mother of his son Dylan. The mesmerised men were in fact responding to some of the racy comments Sean had posted in Liz’s name.

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