Man 2736
Man at Job Centre
Spouse(s) Wife
Children Several children
First appearance 22nd June 1987
Number of appearances 1
Played by Mike Kenny

The Man stood alongside Curly Watts as the two perused the cards in the window of the local job centre. Curly was looking for an escape from his job of selling goods door-to-door now that his business partner Terry Duckworth had moved on.

The man jocularly asked if Curly was interested in the advertised position of a lollipop man and the two commented on the low salaries on offer. The man said the he had a wife and kids and needed money, not confetti, and had been coming to centre since he was "in short trousers". Curly confessed that he was currently employed and earning a reasonable salary but was temperamentally unsuited to what he was doing. The wry man told Curly to have a word with his temperament and walked off.

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