Man on bus
Man on bus
First appearance 29th November 1967
Number of appearances 1
Played by Leslie Clark

The Man on bus got into an argument with Annie Walker when she went to see a football match at Maine Road in November 1967. Jerry Booth had told her that her perception of football supporters as thugs and hooligans was wrong and she shocked the menfolk by declaring that she would go and see a match for herself and observe the supporters. Jack Walker persuaded Jerry, Len Fairclough and Stan Ogden to accompany Annie and Manchester City fan Lucille Hewitt to the match.

The man instantly annoyed Annie by pushing to the front of the queue as the match special bus arrived. He then asked for her seat with a "promise" that she could sit on his lap. She told him to breathe his fumes elsewhere and told Lucille that he was excessively common. She also easily swatted away his muttered threats of "If you were a man, I'd...." unnerving her four companions who foresaw trouble ahead. In the end, the only conclusion was when he called her an "old witch" as they got off the bus at journey's end.

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