Manager 8415
Occupation Weatherfield Garden Centre Manager
First appearance 30th June 2014
Number of appearances 1
Played by Dean Love

The unnamed Manager of the Weatherfield Garden Centre employed Michael Rodwell when he was tagged and on probation following a prison sentence for burglary. Following a restorative justice meeting, one of his victims, Gail McIntyre became friends with him but this was not to the liking of David and Kylie Platt. They went to the centre to remonstrate with him but while they were doing so, Max Turner wandered off and got locked into a garden shed. Kylie freed him by kicking the door in which attracted the manager's attention. Michael tried to calm matters down by assuring him that he could fix the door but Kylie was still on her original mission and told the manager that he was employing a convicted criminal who was harrassing her mother-in-law. The manager told her that they believed in giving people second chances but he was not best pleased when she started to tell passing customers to watch their personal belongings with Michael present. He summoned Michael to his office and sacked him.

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