Manager 8297
Occupation Delicatessen Manager
First appearance 10th January 2014
Last appearance 10th January 2014
Number of appearances 2
Played by James Benson

The unnamed Delicatessen Manager assisted Roy Cropper when he tried to buy a particular brand of Spanish strawberries. They were for an ill Hayley Cropper who was in her final days of terminal cancer and they were the only food that she found palatable. As a result, Roy was even more edge than usual and refused to accept the fact that the shop had sold out of the item a few hours before. He and the manager became rancorous as Roy, unable to display his usual courtesy, told him off for both using sarcasm and the softer approach on him while all the time not being able to run his store properly. Fiz Stape and Tyrone Dobbs had taken Roy to the store and they managed to locate a final punnet of the fruit in another fridge. There was another problem though: the assistant couldn't put the item through the till as it had passed it sell-by date. The manager told Roy they'd have to be destroyed, citing health and safety reasons, and refused to even give them to him for free. Roy ended up yelling at the man that they were for his wife who was dying of cancer. The manager was temporarily embarrassed but unmoved and threatened to call the police if Roy didn't leave, at which point he snatched the punnet and ran - straight into a pile of baskets, falling over and spilling the strawberries everywhere.

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