Mandy Taylor
First appearance 2nd October 1972
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sarah Twist

Mandy Taylor was a snobbish woman who was taken out on an expensive date by Ray Langton in October 1972.

As per usual, Ray had been on the prowl pretending to be a playboy and property tycoon, and ended up with a woman who was more than he could handle. As they set off for their date from the Rovers Return, Ray cheekily asked the dark-haired woman if she fancied a quick one before they left, to which Mandy replied with an emphatic "no!" This set the tone for the evening, with Mandy leading the way and Ray struggling to keep up. During the course of the evening, he returned home to 9 Coronation Street to borrow money from Len Fairclough twice, telling his business partner that Mandy had spent all of his cash with her "champagne tastes". After three double brandies, Mandy headed towards another club to spent more money, but Ray took the opportunity to cut his losses and go home.

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