Margaret 2861
Occupation Secretary
First appearance 31st August 1988
Number of appearances 1
Played by Eileen Tully

Margaret was Derek Wilton's secretary at Barkers' stationary wholesalers. When Mavis Riley went to Barkers' for an interview for the position of Head of Distribution, she waited at Margaret's desk until Derek called through to admit her to his office. Mavis had no idea that ex-boyfriend Derek worked there, and she was disappointed to discover that he had granted her the interview as a means to affect a reconciliation. Nevertheless, Derek went along with Mavis's insistence on interviewing her properly, and pretended to Margaret that he didn't know her, though he stumbled when he asked the secretary to bring two cups of tea through to the office and already knew that Mavis didn't take hers with sugar.

The character was credited as "Secretary" but her name was given in dialogue.

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