Margaret bell
Margaret Bell
Father Don Brennan
Mother Pat Brennan
Sibling(s) Eileen Brennan
Gordon Brennan
Spouse(s) Frank Bell
First appearance 25th May 1988
Last appearance 13th June 1988
Number of appearances 2
Played by Karen Davies

Margaret Bell (née Brennan) was Don Brennan's daughter from his first marriage, to Pat Brennan. In May 1988, Margaret accompanied Don's cantankerous mother Bridget Brennan to 5 Coronation Street to meet Ivy Tilsley two weeks before Don and Ivy were to tie the knot.

Margaret made a good first impression on Ivy with her easygoing attitude, telling Ivy she could call her what she wanted after Bridget called Don out on calling Margaret "Maggie", which according to Bridget only he did. For the most part Margaret was silent during dinner, although she spoke up in an attempt to steer the conversation towards something more cheerful when Bridget talked about staying faithful to her late husband Michael, with Margaret remembering fondly a few of them men with whom Bridget had been friendly since. While the three turned a blind eye to Bridget's bad manners for the most part, Margaret did briefly tell Bridget off before taking it back.

Two weeks later, Margaret attended the wedding along with her husband Frank and Bridget.

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