Margaret Packham was the domineering wife of English teacher Brian Packham who became an unwitting dupe in John Stape's deception to steal the identity of old friend Colin Fishwick in order to re-enter the teaching profession. On a visit to Coronation Street, Brian bumped into Julie Carp and, lying to her that he and Margaret were separated, took her out on a date to the Far Fusion restaurant in Manchester. John, desperate to keep Brian out of his life, alerted Margaret who turned up at the restaurant shocking Julie who apologised to her and fled the restaurant. Margaret, who had told Julie that they weren't living apart but Brian's brain was "separated from his unmentionables", dunked Brian's mobile phone in his drink and made it clear that he wasn't welcome at home. Brian dumped himself on John and Fiz and revealed that he was attracted to Julie. Desperate to get rid of him, Fiz rang Margaret and told her that a mentally-unstable Julie had pursued Brian and her husband was desolate that their marriage appeared to be over. The ruse worked and Margaret told Brian he could come back to her. However, they were later divorced and Brian began dating Julie in 2011.