Margaret Reece
Margaret Reece
Spouse(s) Paul Reece
First appearance 2nd October 2000
Number of appearances 1
Played by Julie Riley

Margaret Reece was the wife of Police officer Paul Reece. Along with colleagues Emma Taylor and Ray Connell the officers had just completed their firearms training course and as a party of six, they went out for celebratory drinks in October 2000.

Emma's partner Curly Watts, already concerned that her life could be put in danger, listened uncomfortably as Margaret and Ray's wife Claire initially made light of the fact that they could be rich widows if anything untoward happened to their husbands and was further worried when Paul admitted that it wasn't uncommon these days for criminals to be armed - with half of the area's robberies not even being reported in the Weatherfield Gazette.

Trying to allay Curly's fears, Emma explained that their training contained modules regarding risk assessment - not wholly about shooting - and casually commented that even if they did get an armed response call, the chances of using a gun would be pretty remote.

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