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Margaret Swain
Margaret Swain
Occupation Hotel worker
Residence Worthing
Spouse(s) Arnold Swain (1965)
First appearance 18th January 1982
Last appearance 20th January 1982
Number of appearances 2
Played by Charlotte Mitchell

Margaret Patricia Swain married Arnold Swain in 1965 and honeymooned on the Isle of Wight. Whilst preparing to leave, Margaret witnessed her husband deliberatley leaving her by boarding a different train. She never saw him again.

Settling in Worthing, Margaret found work in the hotel trade, though was only able to find seasonal work. When she read in the newspapers about Arnold's death, she tracked down the woman who Arnold had bigamously married, Emily Bishop, and explained Arnold's past to her.

Emily gave Margaret the £2,000 she had received in Arnold's will.

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