Margi Quigley
Margi Quigley
Children Jez Quigley
First appearance 1st December 2000
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sally Knyvette

Margi Quigley was the mother of criminal Jez Quigley and present at Weatherfield Crown Court in December 2000 for the sentencing of Jim McDonald, who three months previously had beaten up Jez in retaliation for having his son Steve attacked by thugs.

While both Steve and Jez were hospitalised, Jez once again tried to get revenge, but while trying to tamper with the medical equipment in Steve's room, Jez collapsed at the bedside and later died due to a ruptured spleen. Margi was devastated when the Judge handed down an eight year custodial sentence for manslaughter, as she believed Jim should have received life.

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