Marina Burford was the landlady of a B&B in Anglesey where Tyrone Dobbs, Fiz Stape and their daughters briefly stayed in February 2013. They were on the run after Tyrone had abducted his child Ruby Soames when his violet and abusive girlfriend Kirsty Soames had manipulated the situation to her benefit by getting him arrested on a charge of assaulting her and was denying him full access to Ruby after she discovered his affair with Fiz.

Unable to board a ferry from Liverpool as the police were conducting searches of each car, the two drove to the Welsh island and booked late at night into the B&B, telling Marina that they had just come from Ireland where they had been living for the past year with the intention of visiting friends in London. Marina gave them a room with beds enough for the four of them but when she questioned them over their intentions the next day, Tyrone and Fiz gave the excuse that Hope was under the weather and they didn't want to go out into the winter weather. Not suspecting anything about her guests, Marina allowed the couple to put their car in her garage - away from prying eyes.

Chesney Brown made a trip to the island with spare cash for the runaways but persuaded Fiz that their prospects were hopeless. Shortly after checking out of the B&B, the police arrived - summoned by Fiz herself.

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