Marion Mason
Occupation Warehouse worker
First appearance 30th June 1971
Last appearance 17th November 1971
Number of appearances 3
Played by Joy Stewart

Marion Mason worked at the Mark Brittain Warehouse in an unspecified clerical role. She joined the organisation at much the same time as Elsie Howard and like her was introduced to owner's son Peter Berlin when he made a brief visit to the warehouse in June 1971. As time went on, she became heartily disliked by Elsie. Known to be an arch-gossip (although admittedly accurate with that gossip), Marion knew of the job offer made to Elsie for a promotion to the Solihull branch and enjoyed telling Alan Howard that Dennis Maxwell, an "admirer" of Elsie's, was now at that same branch. Alan and Elsie subsequently argued as to whether she should accept the job as Alan worried that Maxwell was only after Elsie for one thing. She turned the job down and when Alan and Elsie bumped into Marion in the Rovers, she told Elsie she was a clot for doing so, only for Elsie to tell her she was a loud-mouthed, interfering busybody. Unperturbed, Marion told Elsie that is was Marcus Berlin who had wanted Elsie for the job and Maxwell was going to Australia anyway.

Marion was still working at the warehouse in March 1973, when Alan Howard suggested that Rita Littlewood see Marion about a job there due to Elsie being away at her daughter Linda Cheveski's.

Marion Mason is notable for being one of several roles played in the programme by Joy Stewart who was one of the stars of the 1965-1966 spin-off "Pardon the Expression". The character's christian name was credited as "Marion" in her first appearance and "Marian" in the November 1971 episodes

List of appearancesEdit


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