Marjorie Barlow
Occupation Factory Worker (former)
Shop assistant
Born c. 1912
Birthplace Weatherfield
Died December 1940
Father Sidney Barlow
Mother Edna Barlow
Sibling(s) Frank Barlow
Played by Unseen

Marjorie Barlow was sister to Frank Barlow, and aunt to Ken Barlow and David Barlow.

Marjorie moved to Weatherfield in 1939 to stay with sister-in-law Ida Barlow while Frank was off fighting. Marjorie had little in common with Ida, whom she saw as a mouse. Marjorie worked at department store Baxendale's as an assistant, after previously working at Earnshaw's Mill. When she wasn't working, she loved ballroom dancing and inspired by Carmen Miranda, she wore flowers in her hair. At 27, Marjorie was unmarried, and had little interest in rushing to the altar.

Weatherfield was hit by an air raid in December 1940. Marjorie called to Albert Tatlock to help her get baby Ken and a terrified Ida out of the house. While they were on their way to the shelter at the Glad Tidings Mission Hall, part of the back brick wall of Elliston's Raincoat Factory fell into the street, burying Marjorie and Ken in the rubble. Marjorie was killed; her body had protected Ken from serious harm. Ironically, Baxendale's burned to the ground as a result of the same air raid.

The information on this page comes from Daran Little's "Coronation Street at War", set from 1939 to 1945.
This information is disputed; just before Ida's funeral, Frank is reportedly "talking to Aunt Marjorie", as stated by Ken Barlow.

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