Mark Bright was Kevin Webster's solicitor in his divorce to Sally. The couple first met jointly with their legal representatives in March 2011 in order for papers to be signed agreeing to a financial settlement. Although Kevin made a last-ditch attempt to persuade Sally to change her mind, she was adamant that their marriage was well and truly over. However, before she could sign the papers, Kevin's business partner Tyrone Dobbs burst into the office and informed a stunned Sally that Kevin had won £200,000 on a scratchcard that same day. She refused to sign anything and insisted that a new settlement should be drawn up. With such an unusual turn of events, Mark Bright and Sally's solicitor Jane Bridley had their hands tied until the legal course of action had been verified and it was their suggestion that the process be adjourned, with access to Kevin's scratchcard winnings frozen in the interim.

The case went before a Judge on 18th April. With the wrongdoings of both parties aired, Sally was incensed that Bright had turned the tables and pointed out that she wasn't wholly innocent - citing an affair with former employer Ian Davenport. Summing up, the judge explained that scandalous behaviour aside, Kevin was no more likely to dispose of the money or abscond with it as any other asset and ruled that the injunction against Kevin accessing his winnings was to be lifted. Predictably, Sally was outraged and began shouting at the judge - demanding a retrial. He advised her to learn some courtroom etiquette prior to appearing in a divorce court.

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