Mark Burt has been a Coronation Street writer since 2004 contributing scripts for 173 episodes including four co-written with Jayne Hollinson, Ellen Taylor Mark Wadlow and John Kerr. He made his screenwriting debut in 1999 with Forgive and Forget which he wrote as his graduation piece from the Northern School of Film and Television. He has also written for The Invisibles and London's Burning.

Episodes written by Mark BurtEdit


2004 (5 episodes)

2005 (13 episodes)

2006 (4 episodes)

2007 (10 episodes)

2008 (14 episodes)

2009 (13 episodes)


2010 (13 episodes)

2011 (14 episodes)

2012 (17 episodes)

2013 (15 episodes)

2014 (14 episodes)

2015 (11 episodes)

2016 (15 episodes)

2017 (15 episodes)

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