Mark Conlan
Mark Conlan
First appearance 3rd March 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Luke Roberts

Mark Conlan was a loutish thug who went to Weatherfield Comprehensive. Coming home from school one day, Sarah Platt, Todd Grimshaw and Candice Stowe (who described Mark as a “psycho”) saw that he had David Platt pinned up against the wall of Barlow's Bookies intent on doing him harm. They intervened and Mark shouted out that his stepfather, Richard Hillman, was a serial killer as his justification for the attack. Gail came running up and Mark spat directly into her face, shouting that she had married a murderer before running off. Gail, already reeling under the knowledge of Richard’s recently revealed crimes, was staggered at the hatred she was being shown.

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