Mark kenworthy
Mark Kenworthy
Residence Lake District
Spouse(s) Jane Kenworthy
First appearance 8th February 2010
Last appearance 26th March 2010
Number of appearances 5
Played by Jason Furnival

Mark Kenworthy was a resident of Cumbria, who on 8th February 2010 witnessed a row between Joe and Gail McIntyre on board their boat at Lake Windermere. Earlier in the day, Mark and his wife Jane had introduced themselves to the holidaying couple.

On 12th March, after returning from a holiday, Mark and Jane learned that Joe had died shortly after the incident and spoke to the police about what they had seen. As they had left before Gail had got off the boat, their statements contradicted Gail's, which stated that she was not on the boat.

A few weeks later, the couple were approached by Gail's son David Platt and his friend Graeme Proctor, who had come to the Lake District hoping to persuade the couple to change their statements to the police. Mark felt threatened by David and called the police to report him.

List of appearancesEdit


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