Mark Strachan was a motorcycle paramedic who conducted a first aid course at the Jamila House Community Centre in November 2014. The session was organised by Yasmeen Nazir with little enthusiasm from the residents and most of the audience had to be dragooned by her into attending. This changed when Mark walked into the room and all of the women present suddenly sat up at the sight of the good-looking man, Katy Armstrong especially. Yasmeen watched the resultant session with a knowing smirk as he took them through the basics. When it came to the need for a demontration volunteer, Kirk Sutherland's child-like enthusiasm to be involved overcame Katy's lust and it was the lad who came to the front to have his head bandaged.

At the end of the course, Katy came forward and asked Mark if she could ask him some further questions and, under the pretext that he was parched after so much talking, took her for a drink at Nick's Bistro. There, Katy was genuinely interested in Mark's talk about his work and Alya Nazir and Steph Britton watching from the bar were amazed that Katy's usual signs of flirting, such as the flicking of the hair, were not in evidence for some time. There were also amused when Mark left and Katy told them that it was his job which was her primary interest and the man himself was just a bonus. She subsequently volunteered with the St. John's Ambulance Brigade.