Marvin Maddocks was a butcher who had a boxing match against Ashley Peacock in August 2005. Marvin was also known by his boxing nickname 'Mad Dog Maddocks'.

Marvin was the son of Eddie Maddocks, a rival of Fred Elliott. When Fred saw that Maddocks Butchers had a poster that criticised Elliott & Son's meat, he became determined to get revenge on Eddie.

Fred returned to Maddocks and was incensed to find out that Eddie had been bribing Farmer Fletcher into giving him the best meat and leaving Fred with leftovers. When Fred suggested that they put an end to their argument, Eddie suggested a boxing match.

Although Fred and Eddie initially agreed to fight each other, both butchers decided to delegate the match to their sons. Ashley was horrified by this as Marvin was the East Lancashire featherweight amateur boxing champion. Despite his initial nerves, when Marvin turned up at Elliott & Son's, Ashley decided to go ahead with the match.

After speaking to his wife Claire, Ashley backtracked and asked Marvin if the match could be called off. However, the match was only postponed briefly as Marvin visited Ashley the next day and upset him by calling Claire ugly. Wound up by Marvin's insults, Ashley agreed to fight again.

On the night of the fight, things got very bad tempered on both sides of the argument. Eddie and Fred continued to fling insults at each other while Ashley's wife Claire got on the wrong side of Mad Dog supporter Jade. After a brawl broke out in the crowd, Marvin and Ashley agreed to call the match a draw.

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