Mary bonnetti
Mary Bonnetti
Occupation Ice cream vendor
Children Frank Bonnetti
Tony Bonnetti
First appearance 25th May 1966
Last appearance 8th June 1966
Number of appearances 5
Played by Lila Kaye

The formidable Mary Bonnetti was an ice cream van driver who battled Stan Ogden for control of her patch in 1966. When Mary found out that Stan had been pinching her trade, she tracked him down and warned "fatty" that if he didn't back down he should ready himself for an ice cream war. Stan ignored her threats, as she didn't have a licence and was claiming the patch only on gentleman's agreement with other local vendors, the latest in a long line of Bonnettis who had worked the area for thirty years.

Mary made good on her threat by calling in her sons Frank and Tony to spy on Stan so that Mary could stay one street ahead of him. To save Stan's ice cream from spoiling, Mary offered to buy it from him and later offered to buy his van and give him a job too. This incurred the wrath of Hilda Ogden, who thought that they might be having an affair, but Mary soon sacked Stan anyway.

The character was credited as Mrs Bonnetti. Her first name was given in dialogue.

List of appearancesEdit


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