Mary broughton
Mary Broughton
First appearance 10th November 1975
Last appearance 17th November 1975
Number of appearances 3
Played by Michelle Dibnah

Mary Broughton was a member of the of the youth club at the Community Centre on Coronation Street. An associate, rather than a friend of bullying youth leader Janice Berry, she tried to stand up for Janice’s victims but, tired of the way things were handled, she told Community Development Officer Ken Barlow she was leaving the club. Having heard one story already from Debbie Shaw about Janice, Ken decided to take action and forced an election for youth leader after Mary told him that no actual count had taken place previously. Ken worked hard to persuade Mary to stand as a candidate, seeing her as the only possible person who could both stand up to Janice and be popular enough to win a democratic vote. Although Janice’s friends campaigned hard on her behalf, Mary won the vote against Janice and two other candidates, Keith and Angela. Janice, having warned Ken that she was the only one who could keep the others in order, left the club in anger.

List of appearancesEdit


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