Mary Handforth
Mary Handforth
Mother Elsie
Spouse(s) George Handforth
Children 3, including David and Andrea
First appearance 10th January 1977
Last appearance 12th January 1977
Number of appearances 2
Played by Mary McLeod

Mary Handforth was an expectant mother who shared a ward with Deirdre Langton was she sent into Weatherfield General for the birth of Tracy in January 1977. Mary was in for the birth of her fourth baby and was quick to comment to Deirdre that she thought that Ray was "a bit of alright". She later shared pictures with Deirdre of her three children, including the youngest, Andrea, who was the apple of her father's eye. Deirdre admitted that she was worried that her contractions had not developed but Mary told her to take the chance of a rest before she returned home to the everyday work of raising a child. She offered to bring a book of baby names in for the Langtons as they couldn't make up their mind what to call their expected child. Mary told them that if hers was a girl she was going to call her Elise after her mother, Elsie.

The next day, Ena Sharples was a visitor to the ward and gossiped with Mary and Deirdre. Ena guessed that although Mary was enjoying her rest, she wouldn't be happy about some of the nosy people who would be in her house while her back was turned. Mary confessed that the only one who gave her cause for concern was her husband's step-sister, Stella, who would be going through her drawers the first chance she got. Ena brought in a shawl for the baby in a yellow colour, not knowing colour to knit for. She was caustic about a baby she had seen in Manchester dressed entirely in black and approved of Mary's comment that the world had gone mad. Mary shared stories of how different post-natal care had been when her first baby, David, had been born, causing Ena to have a few belly-laughs. Husband George Handforth visited later, telling Mary how much he missed her and brought her a present of some chops from his butcher's shop which she said were useless as the hospital kitchens wouldn't cook them for her. He also sheepishly admitted that Stella had been a visitor to the house.

Deirdre's visit proved to be a false alarm which caused her to break down in tears and Mary tried her best to comfort her sobbing ward-mate before she was sent home.

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