Mary Jackson
Mary Jackson
Occupation Chip shop owner
Spouse(s) Fred Jackson
First appearance 22nd February 1961
Last appearance 24th February 1961
Number of appearances 2
Played by Barbara Ashcroft

Mary Jackson was the co-owner of Jackson's Chip Shop on Victoria Street in the 1960s alongside her dour husband Fred with whom she lived with in the flat above the shop.

A more gregarious person than her husband, she happily gossiped with Ida Barlow and rent collector Mary Stubbs when they were customers in the shop in February 1961. Fred complained that they'd only had six customers since opening but his more cheerful wife pointed out that that was usual and the first house at the Luxy Cinema would soon be coming out. She recognised all of the local customers, even Billy Walker who had just returned from doing his national service in the Far East.

In March 1963 Fred was disturbed by a late-night impromptu party being held by Jed Stone, Jerry Booth, Sheila Birtles and Doreen Lostock in the Mission of Glad Tidings and told Mary from his observation post at the window that he would be telling the police in the morning about chairman of the hall, Leonard Swindley.

Although her husband appeared irregularly from 1961 to 1966, the February 1961 appearances were the only time that Mary was seen on-screen.

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