Matt was a foreman oversaw the builders who were employed to work on the Victoria Court flats development in April 2008. When Roy Cropper had found evidence that a colony of bats had been roosting on the site, the foreman told Tony Gordon, the main investor, that the "bat brigade" were coming out to visit and suggested they should just smoke the bats out since they couldn't afford a shut-down, the project already being behind schedule.

After Inspector Jenny McCann looked around the site, she advised Tony and the foreman that there were no bats currently roosting there - (Tony had already got Jason Grimshaw to smoke the bats out the previous evening) - and work recommenced. Upon hearing this news, Roy was convinced that Tony had played a part in the removal of the colony and decided to take matters into his own hands; by having his wife Hayley's car parked at the site entrance so no works traffic could get in or out. The foreman and Roy came to blows since his actions meant that the builders couldn't continue without supplies. The foreman got the police involved and Roy only had the car moved again after he'd got Tony to admit his part in getting rid of the bats.

The character's first name of "Matt" was given in dialogue.

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