Matt Broughall
Matt Broughall
Occupation Journalist
First appearance 16th September 2002
Number of appearances 1
Played by Matthew Booth

Matt Broughall was a Weatherfield Gazette journalist covering the Weatherfield Council-sponsored art exhibition at which Toyah Battersby won first prize with her Tracy Emin-style piece "Les's Chair. Despite her best efforts, Les heard of the exhibition and attended. Still not realising that the chair was an indictment by Toyah on the country's scrounging underclass, he looked on with pride at the thought of his chair on permanent show in a museum. He also stood by beaming as Matt interviewed Councillor Naysmith about the exhibition but was devastated when he overheard him say that the chair represented yob culture, idleness and low intelligence. Despite the undoubted truth of this assessment, Les refused to speak to Toyah and, at first, refused the offer of half of her prize money, although he later relented.

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