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Matt Ramsden 2006
Matt Ramsden
Occupation Doctor
Spouse(s) Charlie Johnson (1992)
Sylvia Ramsden
Children Joshua Peacock (2002)
First appearance 22nd November 2000
Last appearance 17th July 2006
Duration 2000-2002, 2006
Number of appearances 138
Played by Stephen Beckett

Matthew "Matt" Ramsden graduated from University of Nottingham and became a GP in 1990. He was the local GP, and ran his surgery from Rosamund Street Health Centre. He lives with wife Charlie, an English teacher at Weatherfield Comprehensive who lived at No 6 Coronation Street, renting it from Natalie Barnes.

Since arriving in the street Matt has become friends with neighbours Curly Watts and Ashley Peacock; though wife Charlie is not to kean on husband Matt being friendly with next door neighbours Maxine and Ashley, as Charlie has nothing in common with Maxine at all.

Matt worked at the health centre alongside Practice Nurse Molly Hardcastle, receptionist Gail Platt, and cleaner Edna Miller.

Matt was helping Maxine and Ashley with fertility problems. When Ashley was in hospital for treatment, Maxine and Matt got very drunk and had sex. Maxine discovered she was pregnant and did not know who was the father though insisted it was Ashley's. Matt really wanted the child to be his since his wife, Charlie, didn't want children. Matt left Weatherfield with Charlie soon after Joshua Peacock was born, deciding to save his marriage leaving Maxine and Ashley to patch up their relationship and bring up Joshua.

In 2006 Matt came back to gain custody of Joshua but left after seeing that he was better suited with Ashley and his new wife Claire - Maxine had died a few years earlier.

In January 2011 Claire Peacock left Weatherfield for France after the death of Ashley Peacock and attacking Tracy Barlow, taking Joshua and her own son Freddie with her. Matt's life at this point is unknown and whether or not he still had anything to do with Josh.

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