Matthew Grayshot was a humourless rep from clothing retailer Macnee's who had an appointment with Underworld in September 2013. Carla Connor was on business in Antwerp and had to leave Peter Barlow to deal with the matter. He felt out of his depth and asked for Michelle Connor's help but as he had previously undermined her in the office, she refused to do anything outside of "secretarial"-type duties.

Peter had done his homework and got in a supply of fig rolls for Matthew as those were his biscuit of choice. Matthew wasn't easily won over though and went through the figures for the potential deal with a fine toothcomb, finding a discrepancy in the numbers. This unnerved Peter and when Michelle tried to help, Peter spilled a hot drink over the rep. As he was leaving the factory, Peter apologised for the accident and admitted that it was the first meeting he'd done on his own but that the staff could produce the goods to the standard required. Matthew told a relieved Peter that he believed him and that's why he was giving them the contract.