Maude Braddock
First appearance 7th June 1971
Last appearance 9th June 1971
Number of appearances 2
Played by Nellie Hanham

Maude Braddock was a belligerent resident of Victoria Street who, along with neighbour Arnold Sheppard, clashed with the residents of Coronation Street for control of the committee that would run the new Community Centre when it opened in June 1971. While Sheppard was voted chairman, Ernie Bishop got the consolation prize of secretary. Mrs Braddock was scathing about Emily Nugent's error in not having catering available for the opening ceremony and equally dismissive of her and Ernie's suggestions for events that could be held at the centre, such as country dancing (saying that the countryside was quite some distance from Weatherfield) and lessons in local history ("local present's bad enough"). Her suggestion was bingo, despite the fact that there were two halls in walking distance of the centre already. The arguments were stopped by Minnie Caldwell who pointed out a sign on the wall which read "Community through Harmony".

Two months later, Ena complained to Betty Turpin about the constant notes of criticism that she received from Mrs Braddock about the state of the centre.

The character was credited as "Mrs. Maude Braddock"

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