Maureen Hicks was one of three women who went to an after-hours drinking session at the Rovers at Billy Walker's invitation in 1974. Billy and Len Fairclough had organised the private bash to cheer Ken Barlow up after the breakdown of his and Janet Barlow's marriage but it was a surprise to Ken and Len when Maureen, Gaynor Burton and Jean Wilkins walked in, and Billy encouraged them to pair off. Maureen, who had never met Billy before, had short dark hair, described herself as the quiet one and coyly warned the men to watch it.

Maureen took a fancy to Len and spent most of the night dancing with him. Len had a good time but when Maureen mentioned that she had to get home as she had to have her husband Harry's meal on the table when he got off the nightshift, adding that he had a shocking temper, Len immediately cooled and Billy agreed to drive the women home. The next day, while having lunch at The Kabin, Maureen was overheard by manageress Rita Littlewood telling Gaynor and Jean that she could really go for Len and pictured herself sitting next to him in a Rolls Royce. After breaking her engagement with Len earlier in the year, Rita had remained hopeful of a reconciliation but jealousy over Len seeing other women, and Len's piggish behaviour, would soon push her towards Jimmy Graham.

One month later, a colleague of Maureen's at the Mark Brittain Warehouse, Peggy Barton, led the workforce in a fight against the management for union representation. Maureen, Jean and Gaynor were present at a meeting where Ken - the warehouse's Executive Administrative Assistant - and Peggy debated the need for a union. Maureen wasn't convinced that things would improve with a union and remained on the fence even after Peggy's victory.

Maureen was played by actress Alison King (1974 & 1982 actress), not to be confused with Carla Connor actress Alison King.

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